Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Coocook only in English?

The authors of Coocook and as of 2020 all its users are Germans. But still the software is only available in English.

That's because all terms and tools used in software development are in English and using German texts in an English program text results in a huge mess. Also we don't want to limit development and usage to Germans.

Implementating localization and providing a German translation is one of our top priority goals for next development.

What is the target audience for Coocook?

Coocook has been initially developed for a summer camp for kids and teens in Leipzig, Germany: the Sommerlager Leipzig [German]. It happens once a year for 3 weeks with up to 175 people per meal. Most of the staff and all kitchen staff are volunteers.

Still we tried to make Coocook universally useful but these use cases match best:

  • You cook for more than 20 people.

  • You have an event limited in time rather than a regular menu, like in a restaurant.

  • You need to plan purchases in advance—maybe buy everything at once or buy only perishable items from day to day.

  • You have a team that needs ingredient lists and cooking instructions.

What features does Coocook not offer?

Coocook was created for community-driven, maybe volunteer-based projects. Currently we do not plan to implement business features like:

  • price calculation: Coocook doesn't know what ingredients cost and can't sum them up

  • VAT and taxes: Coocook doesn't know anything about it

  • stock keeping: Coocook doesn't keep track of what's in your storage

If you need any of these features, maybe use a different software or get in touch with the creator of Coocook.

What is the difference between Coocook and

Coocook is a web application which can be installed on any computer because it is free software and can be downloaded for free. is a web service provided by the founder of the Coocook software. Anyone can sign up at for free and create their projects. As of 2020 free accounts are limited to public projects visible for everyone.